Battling the Beetles

On a cold, clear June morning high in Wyoming’s Wind River Mountains, Jesse Logan stopped on a snow-covered hillside and pointed with his ski pole to a large pine tree. A few of its needles were turning red, a sign of trouble. About a dozen people gathered around him on the snow to listen. “We […]

A Dead World at Sunset

“It may not strike you as a marvel; it would not, perhaps, unless you were standing in the middle of a dead world at sunset, but that was where I stood.” I’ve been carrying that sentence around in my head, semi-colon and all,  for years. Set down by the phenomenal nature writer and anthropologist Loren […]

Notice: Smart Virginia

Virginia wrote one of Nature‘s (very prestigious outfit) ten best features last year.   Nature‘s editors said so.  The feature, “Science in Court: Head Case,” was about the dicey use of MRI in death sentences for psychopathic murderers.  Fascinating science, real-world implications.   Go read it. Photo: Gabriel Pollard