Guest Post: Warm Feelings About the Void (A Rebuttal)

Last week Cassandra Willyard wrote that space bores her, and argued that astronomy writers need to highlight the human drama to hook her and other spacephobes. This is my response. This essay being one exception that probes the rule, I am a writer who does not get assignments from editors. At best, they ask me […]

We, the Planethunters!

The last Zooniverse project I spent time on was also their first, Galaxy Zoo 1.   You looked at pictures of galaxies and decided whether they were shaped like spirals or ellipticals.  I could do that, it was fun, and better yet, it was citizen science, 350,000 citizens doing real science with real scientific results, so […]

AstroPorn: the Great Carina Nebula

I grant this is just straight-up astroporn but let’s try to make it legit.  It’s a picture taken in 2009 by the Hubble Space Telescope of NGC 3372, the great nebula in the constellation Carina, which is in the sky over the southern hemisphere.  “Nebula” is an old astronomical word that has referred to a […]