The People of LWON Are Grateful

Craig I like to think that being thankful carries weight, that it occupies an influential space in the world. In a series of 2003 studies published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, subjects kept journals reporting their levels of gratitude. Each of three studies found that people who experienced more gratitude “exhibited heightened […]

Redux: LWONian Thanksgiving

Two years ago, the People of LWON pondered the idea of gratitude, that is, the awareness of grace.   We hope you don’t mind if we ask you to click so we can remind ourselves of it. And everyone, please, have a sunny and warm Thanksgiving. ___ Art credit: Terri Kahrs

Black Friday Special: 24 LWON posts for the price of one

One of my favorite newspaper columnists has a Thanksgiving column that has been reprinted more or less year after year for nearly two decades (or at least, that’s as far as the Chronicle’s online archives reveal). Along with talking about why, in a sea of holidays, Thanksgiving is the one that gets his wholehearted support, […]