Holiday Viewing

The best way to usher out the terrible year of 2016 may just be to watch TV (not the news) until it’s all over. The People of LWON have some recommendations for what to watch this holiday season, and if you have some great shows or movies to add to the list, please write them in […]

The Last Word

December 12-16, 2016 Craig brought us all to tears this week with his reflections on leaving a home and the marriage it embodied. “In the empty house, I point out where they were born. You came out of her like a fish, I said. You opened your eyes for the first time and we saw each other.” Jenny […]

Holiday Reading

Every year, the People of LWON bring you their book choices for the holidays. If you don’t find what you’re looking for below, try last year’s list or the one before. JENNY: I have a neighbor, Keith Donohue, who, it turns out, is a lovely novelist. I’m now reading his latest, called The Motion of […]

Thankful? Oh, Really?

Ann:  It’s been a fairly dreadful year, personally and nationally, and giving thanks is going to be a stretch.  But even when I was a kid, I was thankless.  When my grandfather said grace at Sunday dinners — “Bless, oh Lord, this food to our use and us to thy service” — I thought the […]

Kill the Sprickets, Kill Them All

HELEN: I like bugs. I started a Ph.D. in ants (and quit, but still think ants are awesome). I have blogged in this space about butterflies. I think the coming of the 17-year-cicadas is one of the most exciting things that happens in the world. My record is quite clear on this: me and bugs, […]

Thou Shalt Watch This

The People of LWON have spoken. As promised, here is our annual list of what to watch over the holidays. For more recommendations, please refer to last year’s list. Erik: It’s hard to make a suspenseful drama around the Revolutionary War. “Ooo! Who will win? The scrappy Americans or the evil redcoats? I just don’t […]

Thou Shalt Read This

The holidays — one of the few times of year when the decision to pick up a book should never be preceded with the question, “But have I finished All The Work?”. Today, the People of LWON pick up a tradition we started last year, providing a handy list of great reading.   Erik Vance : […]

Redux: LWONian Thanksgiving

Two years ago, the People of LWON pondered the idea of gratitude, that is, the awareness of grace.   We hope you don’t mind if we ask you to click so we can remind ourselves of it. And everyone, please, have a sunny and warm Thanksgiving. ___ Art credit: Terri Kahrs