Jennifer Holland

unnamed (1)You know those nutty old ladies with wild gray hair and a whole mess of pets? That will be me, too soon. I was a long-time staff writer at National Geographic magazine focused on nature/animals (I’m a big fan of peculiar adaptations). As a freelancer I continue writing for Nat Geo and other science-loving pubs, plus I’ve churned out four best-selling books on inspiring animals—Unlikely Friendships, Unlikely Loves, Unlikely Heroes, and most recently Unlikely Friendships DOGS. (You may have noticed the pattern there.) I also cover non-animal science, the quirkier the subject the better.

I live near D.C. but I’m happiest hiding out in my Virginia cabin with my three dogs and my husband—who can wield a chainsaw like nobody’s business (against dead trees only, of course).

My work is posted on my website, which features one of my favorite cephalopods. (It’s hard to pick the best, really, because they’re all so fabulous.) (The cephalopods, not the articles.)

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