About Us

Our writers live in London, Yellowknife, White Salmon, New York, Mexico City, Portland, Baltimore, Madison, St. Louis, the central California coast, Washington, D.C., and Cedaredge.  In their day jobs, they write books, teach science writing, and roam widely over the earth to meet deadlines for Science, Nature, New Scientist, Scientific American, High Country News, Smithsonian, National Geographic, and many other magazines. By night, they write for you.

Sally Adee

Christie Aschwanden

Rebecca Boyle

Craig Childs

Rose Eveleth

Helen Fields

Ann Finkbeiner

Jessa Gamble

Sarah Gilman

Jennifer Holland

Emma Marris

Michelle Nijhuis

Richard Panek

Erik Vance

Cameron Walker

Cassandra Willyard

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The Open Notebook has posts about the lives & practices of several LWONers: Jessa Gamble, Erik Vance, Ann Finkbeiner, Emma MarrisChristie Aschwanden, Michelle Nijhuis, Cameron WalkerCassandra Willyard, Rose Eveleth