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December 11-15, 2017

This week on the Last Word on Nothing:

Wildlife tracking can be a way both to keep data on charismatic megafauna like wolves and to involve the public in their individual stories, especially when your protagonist shares her name with a mafia-linked belly dancer, says Emma.

Michelle has been looking into ways to intervene when someone is being harassed. Effective techniques include distracting perpetrators and documenting incidents. Now if only we could apply those when LWONers get jumped by the twitterverse.

Erik is interested in the theory that humans are pedomorphic, in the sense that we share traits with juvenile versions of our ancestral selves, including a lifelong propensity for play. But he’s not sure he buys it.

Rebecca is big into Star Wars and feels the themes therein speak to the benevolent side of religion and help us develop moral character.

For those of you for whom a holiday is not just a day without childcare, and for whom the Christmas season allegedly contains an abundance of free time, the People of LWON present our book recommendations of the year.

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