The Last Word


October 23 – 27, 2017

Guest Rebecca Boyle takes issue with Cassie’s attitude about neutron star mergers.  Argument sounds a little abstruse but it ends in humane charm: “I’ll stay on Team Neutron Star, and you can watch from the sidelines, and we’ll still be friends.”

Craig finds a woman attractive, reflects that not all #MeToo’s happen to women — I can’t sum this up, you’ll just need to read it. Knives are involved.

Sarah’s out in the outback, hiking with her friends, feeling blissful.  An older woman meeting them says, “It’s so nice to see such healthy young women, enjoying themselves.”  Oh yes.

Christie’s original post that made the Finkbeiner Test — what not to say in a profile of a woman scientist — famous across the entire galaxy was written for a site now dead.  She remedies that.

In light of those merging neutron stars, I remember some lovely gossip about two of the physicists’ heroes who helped think up the neutron stars and black holes both.  They didn’t like each other.

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