The Last Word


April 24-28, 2017

This week at the Last Word on Nothing:

There is magic in the ambiguity of a number given in place of your identity, says Rose. Huge bureaucracies inadvertently set the stage for serendipitous mistakes.

Cassie goes for a relaxing run only to witness a disturbing instance of littering. Plastic bags on the ground – who does that? Now we know.

Craig gets bitten by an assassin bug while sleeping outdoors in Utah, as usual. He uses his instincts to treat the bite.

Ann writes about puberty, in grandchildren and robins. And when I say writes, I mean writes.

What can island biogeography tell us about lung infections? I talk to an experimental evolutionary biologist investigating one of the banes of cystic fibrosis.


Image: Daiva Chesonis

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