Redux: Water Year


This post first appeared on October 8, 2015, when I was still hopeful that a good strong El Nino could hold off California’s water problems a while longer. Where I am, it didn’t work. One of our reservoirs is now at 7 percent capacity. At another, the dam worker now needs water trucked in to where he lives onsite. Still, there’s a big storm that’s supposed to arrive today, and it’s hard not to keep hoping that this time–this storm, this winter, this water year–will make a difference.

I think I’ve been stuck in this place for a while, hoping that some powerful outside force will sweep in and make things right, or that changing the way I measure things will give the results I want. I’d like to find somewhere where there is still hope, but where the storm that is coming is me. Anyway, here’s the post.


Image by Ted Zapasnik via Flickr/Creative Commons license

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