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anatomic_masterpieceIt was another awesome week on LWON. At least we think so.

Helen revived her curious theme of bugs on the window on Monday, but this time the bug, on an airplane, was on the INSIDE! Terrifying. Should she kill it or let it ride to Syracuse? (Or wherever it was going. I mean, maybe the bug had a connecting flight so we can’t really say much about its trip.)

Then came Craig’s really lovely piece about being alone out there in nature. I like this essay a lot, even the part where Craig does a lot of grunting–you should read it.

Guest poster Alison Fromme gave us a terrific read about learning to build a human skeleton out of wax the way 18th-century Florentine anatomists and artists used to do. It’s very hands on and oh-so interesting.

On Thursday Erik recalled being with shark hunters pondering his pity for the dying fish and what that means re: his moral code re: wildlife conservation. (That was a lot of re:s and I apologize.)

Finally, we ended the week with an interview: Ann interviewed me! About my new book! Which you can buy here!

Enjoy your weekend, people, and see you Monday.



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