The Last Word, Dec 22-26



The People of LWON began a brief period of holiday rest by telling you what TV shows and movies you might binge-watch on your winter break, from the TV spinoff of a series of comic book movies to Scandinavian drama. A lot of Scandinavian drama.

What do you like to read during the dark winter nights? Post-apocalyptic fiction? Historical thrillers? Perhaps you would like to revisit some classic mysteries? The People of LWON recommend books of the present, past, and future.

For Christmas Eve, I shared a post from the LWON vaults about a folklorist’s research on the pub-based carol-singing tradition in the north of England. The tuning is broad and the community spirit is warmer than the beer.

Perhaps those books we recommended should come with a warning: may cause anxiety, irritability, and intense cravings. Jessa has a problem, and the problem is books.

Those squiggly dots and marks and lines don’t just bring meaning to sentences. They save lives. Roberta explains, with heavy use of the dash–her favorite form of punctuation.

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