The Last Word


IMG_9409-500x497August 26 – 30

What is a writer to do, wonders guest Laura Dattaro, when she realizes that all the members of JPL’s Curiosity team are, every single one of them, women? Point it out? Pretend she’s not surprised? Shrug, because why not?

A young immigrant woman gets sick of her work conditions, enlists the poetry of Percy Shelley, and changes labor history: Michelle likes a new graphic book.

Roberta goes to the opera, is astounded to find on the stage real forests and oceans, heads happily into the high grass and finds out how it’s done. Spoiler: magic.

Christie’s neighbor dies “a good death,” says everyone. But who’s to say what a good death is? The person who’s dying? The people who grieve her death? Christie asks hard and terrible questions.

Out on the ice for ages, guest Craig Childs says he nearly forgot we don’t live on a seasonless planet.

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