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avalancheChristie wonders if the New York Times has found the perfect format for telling a story. John Branch‘s stunning multimedia narrative Snow Fall: the avalanche at Tunnel Creek presents words, photos, videos and maps just where and when you want them, without breaking the story’s flow.

We at LWON sure miss Virginia Hughes. This week on her new National Geographic blog, she asked a lovely question, why does music move us? And then she offered a thorough and eloquent answer.

Erik recommends this amazing profile that fleshed out a fascinating character and invited the reader into a wonderful bizarre world. Clearly a lot of research went into this New Yorker piece by Joshua Foer.

Heather likes this Universe story by Claire L. Evans about seeing Jupiter through a telescope. Such a seemingly simple subject, and such beauty in the writing.

Ann suggests you head over to the Awl to read ‘s take on the eternal question, How do you know it’s really there?  A post on ancient screw-ups with ancient maps, and to Johnson’s credit, Apple Maps is not mentioned and Sandy Island is.



Avalanche image by Shutterstock.

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