Sunday Stories


For your Sunday-reading pleasure, a few stories that the people of LWON loved this week. In no particular order:

Cameron and Christie:
Over the Wall,” by Roger Angell, The New Yorker 

Cameron says: It’s mainly about his wife, who died recently, and it ends up being very clever and hopeful, too. Also, I hope I can write like that when I’m 92. Or really, ever.

The Stars Are Beginning To Go Out…,” by Caleb A. Scharf, Scientific American Blogs

A nice clear post about the universe forming new stars more and more rarely, the fireworks slowing, the life force slacking off.  Years ago, I covered a conference at which the news was the same, but then the star formation rate was an averaged estimate; this time, they’re looking at evidence for new stars in thousands of galaxies, over cosmic time. Sad, sad.

Attack of the Mutant Pupfish,” by Hillary Rosner, Wired

Spins a fascinating speciation story (bonus: the pizzly bear!)

On Being Not Dead,” by Bill Hayes, New York Times

Oh my god, I love this essay. It captures the human experience in that magical way that an essay can make you feel less alone.


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