The Last Word


24 – 28 September

In which Cameron informs us that gull poop carries drug resistant bacteria that infests beaches, lakes and even dumps. Delightful stories abound of the falcons and dogs that have been dispatched to chase them off. But that makes me wonder: after they’re chased off, where do they take their pestilent cargo?

Do stricter gun laws make safer societies? Findings have been inconclusive, says Cassie.

Christie wonders if we are going to lose our tangible memories to the cloud.

Tom says life extension is BS, not because we don’t have the technology (we don’t) but because it will engender an eternity of middle age.

If you’re getting down about losing your youth, your mementos or your life, take comfort in the exquisite rock balance sculptures Michelle has hunted down: they are, as one commenter put it, a monument to impermanence.

See you next week!

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