REAL Mathematicians Unhindered by Laws of Physics


I think this is funny because it explains a problem I’ve had with math all along, which is that  math just makes stuff up:  makes up number, and space between numbers, and relations between numbers, and I’m not even mentioning zero.  Also I know that the horizon problem went something like, the universe shouldn’t have been born as uniform as it was because it was farther across than light — which created the uniformity — could have traveled by then.  Something like that.  So  AG’s mathematicians solve the problem by making light travel faster than light.  For some reason, physicists resent that.  Now that I reflect on it, I suspect that AG and I are the only ones who think this is funny.


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11 thoughts on “REAL Mathematicians Unhindered by Laws of Physics

  1. I think what i find funny is that physicists are so worried whether their theories will turn out to be real, and mathematicians just say “Reality? Pssh.”

  2. I have always suspected that economists just make things up, but perhaps that’s because, like astronomy and higher math, I have trouble understanding economics.

  3. Another funny thing is that physicists have to use the funny made up things (i.e. numbers) to prove “real” things that happen.

  4. I suspect infiltration from the mathematicians’ camp here, Nick. Though I admit, a sound and convincing argument.

  5. Charitable interpretation of the mathematician’s point: Here’s an explanation of the horizon problem we think might be more plausible. They are being kind of trollish though, probably because they probably can’t defend the “more plausible” part.

    I am new here but your AG digests are pretty cool! Keep ’em coming.

  6. I think of the mathematicians’ point as less of an explanation than a quick fix. I’m glad you like AG.

  7. Scientists need math for things that the Chinese have known for thousands of years. Math is rubbish, then again, so is physics.

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