Guest Post: Warm Feelings About the Void (A Rebuttal)

Last week Cassandra Willyard wrote that space bores her, and argued that astronomy writers need to highlight the human drama to hook her and other spacephobes. This is my response. This essay being one exception that probes the rule, I am a writer who does not get assignments from editors. At best, they ask me […]

Tepid Feelings about Neutron Clashes

Newbie journalists love to ask where seasoned journalists find their story ideas. I’ll tell you where I find mine: Editors. They have really good ideas and sometimes they’ll just hand them to you. That’s called an assignment, and I take a lot of them. Unfortunately, LWON doesn’t give assignments. So when you sign up for […]

Women’s Work in Space

Astronaut Karen Nyberg arrived at the International Space Station on May 28. On Sunday, she’ll leave for home. In the five months she’s been up there, she’s worked on studies of the human microbiome and how combustion works in zero gravity. She’s helped move a Soyuz capsule from one dock to another and worked on […]