Reading Sci-Fi with Astrobioloigist David Grinspoon

David Grinspoon is a comparative planetologist and an astrobiologist. He’s also a big book nerd, and his love for both fiction and nonfiction are proudly on display in his own new book, Earth In Human Hands: Shaping Our Planet’s Future. Grinspoon’s book uses insight from the study of the other planets in our solar system […]

Abstruse Goose: Astrobiologists & the Perpetual Happy Hour

We here at LWON have been all over this and we (ok, I) agree completely with AG:  astrobiologists  out-compete evolutionary psychologists for getting the most publicity out of the least evidence. Also I just ran across an interesting but  illogical argument:  if  the principles of physics, chemistry, and geology “work beyond our planet,” why not […]

Giving Up on Aliens. Or Not.

Heather asked about the SETI telescope at the Hat Creek Radio Observatory, whether having its budget zeroed out mattered in any way.  Had it ever found anything? Could it be re-purposed?  No it hasn’t and yes it can, but I don’t care because, ma’am, I am seriously running out of patience with the whole enterprise. […]