Ethical Quandaries

Last weekend, nerds from across the US and the world gathered in Cambridge Massachusetts to discuss the media coverage of other, often bigger nerds. It is known as the National Association of Science Writers annual meeting and it’s one of the highlights of my year. This year I thought it might be fun to participate […]

Guest Post: Upvote This Post, Pleeease!

You won’t believe the 17 ways you’re doing online science journalism wrong! Number 25 will make you cry[1] Are you a long-time science journalist? Maybe just starting your career and seeking exposure? Maybe only have a vague idea of what science even is? In today’s online marketplace, it doesn’t matter. If you can write quickly […]

The Golden Notebooks: An Awards Show for Us

Dear TV Executives: I hear you’re desperate to get people to watch your channels in real time these days. Apparently I’m not the only one who waits for everything to come out on Netflix. As a result, I heard on NPR yesterday, you’re televising more and more shows that people prefer to watch live, like […]

Holiday Review: Why Blog?

On a recent episode of the literary podcast All Write Already! Susan Orlean said, “I’ve always been skeptical about the value of blogs.” While I agree with her arguments in favor of writing for pay and under the guidance of an editor, I’ve also come to believe that under the right circumstances (i.e. you are not blogging […]

Growing the Science Writing Pie

Several weeks ago I was invited to sit in on a fascinating workshop on journalism. Hosted by the Mexican Society for Science and Technology Communication (SOMEDICYT), it was a collection of science writers from Mexico and abroad gathered together to discuss the definition of science journalism. It was the kind of philosophical dialogue that you don’t […]

Toe Fungus And Why No One Loves a Science Writer

Have you ever gone to a cocktail party and had a conversation about science? Of course not – nobody goes to cocktail parties anymore. Perhaps a better question would be, have you either gone to a vinyl listening event or underground pop-up restaurant and gotten in a conversation about science? We’ve all done it. You’re […]

Conversation with Dan Vergano: the Science Ghetto

Ann:  In the last year or more or so, science writers have had Twitterfights with a culture/media writer, a nonfiction writer, and a script writer.   After the latest fight another science writer, the wise and civilized Dan Vergano of USA Today, Twitter-messaged me that he wished these fights would stop because they reinforced the walls […]

Science Writer Stares Out Window

Why are the clouds moving so fast? Is the wind that’s pushing the clouds faster than the wind that’s blowing the trees?  I remember, back when I lived in tornado country, hearing that when the winds aloft and the winds on the ground were moving in different directions, a tornado could form.  Was that true?  […]