Redux: Squirrel & Snake Physics

This was originally posted June 8, 2010 and probably ten people read it.  I hope you don’t mind my running it again.  It reminds me of my favorite Abstruse Goose.  The picture’s a little alarming, but justly so. I had two trees in the front yard, and I’d watch the squirrels jump between them, across […]

Science Metaphors (cont.): Sigma & Faith

I’m riddled with anxieties and have no faith whatever.  My book is dopey and nobody’s reading it and I have no ideas for another one.  Print publishing is dying anyway.   And the deader it gets, the less likely it is to publish anything I write, even if I did have an idea.   I could […]

Abstruse Goose

Abstruse Goose is a nameless, faceless entity, obviously a mathematician of some sort, who posts extremely funny but occasionally abstruse cartoons at