Reading Sci-Fi with Astrobioloigist David Grinspoon

David Grinspoon is a comparative planetologist and an astrobiologist. He’s also a big book nerd, and his love for both fiction and nonfiction are proudly on display in his own new book, Earth In Human Hands: Shaping Our Planet’s Future. Grinspoon’s book uses insight from the study of the other planets in our solar system […]

Abstruse Goose: Astrobiologists & the Perpetual Happy Hour

We here at LWON have been all over this and we (ok, I) agree completely with AG:  astrobiologists  out-compete evolutionary psychologists for getting the most publicity out of the least evidence. Also I just ran across an interesting but  illogical argument:  if  the principles of physics, chemistry, and geology “work beyond our planet,” why not […]

Question of the Year: What is Life, Anyway?

As we near the end of 2010, everybody’s talking about the biggest science stories of the year. I’ve been thinking about these four: May 20: Craig Venter’s team synthesizes a bacterial genome in the lab, sticks it into an empty bacterial cell, and watches it replicate. Venter calls it the “first synthetic cell“; many headlines prefer […]