The Last Word

May 18 – 22, 2015 Erik started the week off by offending bee scientists with a wasp scientist whose object of study is solitary and sleek, definitely not just an ant with wings. The scientist has some issues, don’t we all. LWON turned five this week and in joyous celebration, alumnus Thomas Hayden lists the […]

Survey Says

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being “not at all” and 10 being “very much”, how much has the very sight of this question already made you die a little inside? Surveys are dull, they’re dreadful; often badly-worded, usually tedious, always demanding more of your time than they deserve, yet they’re a pillar […]

Guest Post: A Litany of Posts Not Written

As of tomorrow, May 20, LWON will have been alive for five years. LWON is a little surprised at this and entirely pleased with itself.  In celebration, two of our brilliant alumni have agreed to write guest posts listing the Top Five Things They Want to List the Top Five Of.  We are, and always […]

The Last Word

May 11-15, 2015 This week, LWONers had a variety of encounters with nature. Jennifer enjoyed a transcendent moment with a tiger shark, and Cameron’s van was mobbed by sphinx moths. Craig’s new location isn’t home until he has learned to read the calendar of his natural surroundings. With each shifting Spring dawn, he gets closer […]

A Visit from the Sphinx

One night this spring I left all the doors open to the van. It was stinkier than usual, and I figured anyone who thought they might peer inside would have found little of value before being frightened off by the smell. But the next morning when I turned the ignition on, the kids gasped. Our […]

Trite and True

The beginning of 2015 has been discouraging for me. A series of fellowship applications and interviews elevated my hopes for this year, but not one has panned out, and now I am left with a plan vacuum. After so many coin flips having landed in my favor in the past, I’m sure I had a […]

The Calendar Made of Earth

With a calendar and Google Earth on my computer, you’d think I wouldn’t need the horizon any more, but I find I need it more than ever. After 15 years living in the same house tucked into the West Elk Mountains of western Colorado, I moved this winter a few hours southwest into mesas and […]

Something About Sharks

Recently, in the sumptuously warm waters off Maui, a woman went out snorkeling, got separated from her two friends, and was killed by a shark. Her body was found floating facedown about 200 yards offshore; the wounds on her torso told of her tragic end. Considering how many of us spend time in the world’s […]