The Last Word

October 17-21, 2016 Craig opened the week with a brave personal and scientific exploration of sexual assault’s effects on the brain and the psyche. Revelations about Trump’s history with women warrants a revisit to Christie’s post on why harassment goes unreported. Michelle plays detective in the extinction of an Australasian rodent. She finds that sometimes […]

The Last Word

October 10 – 14, 2016 With the de-embargoing of Cuba, Cuban and American geologists can finally talk to each other.  That’s a good thing, says guest Alex Witze, because Cuba is a crunched-up (and gorgeous) mess between a rock and an ocean. Michelle reminded us of Lady Ada Lovelace, an inventor of computer programming, who died […]

Teen hippies get off my lawn

Next week, Ottawa Public Health will table a submission before a Canadian federal task force, recommending that the minimum age for buying legal, recreational marijuana should be 25. Age limits are just one of the myriad decisions we will have to make as the government moves toward fulfilling Justin Trudeau’s campaign promise of legalizing pot. […]

Redux: Happy Lady Ada Day

It’s that time again! Happy Ada Lovelace Day to you and all the Lady Adas in your life. For more on this year’s observances, see Finding Ada. This post was originally published in 2014.  I’m not, in general, huge on holidays. I often wish that those of us in the U.S. would observe the weeks between Halloween and Martin […]

The Last Word

October 3-7, 2016 This week we rounded up a number of posts about bugs and how we love them. I think it says quite a lot about us that we didn’t even come close to exhausting our supply of bug-love posts. Sarah attempted to find things to appreciate about ticks, like the cute way they […]

Bug love redux: The day I tried to love ticks

Has anyone mentioned that LWONers love weird things? As professional nerds, we wring our hands a lot over things normal people don’t give a damn about. Like: Gribbles. Like: Poohsticks. Like: Marine iguanas. If you’re late to this game, this week, we’re parading forth a few musings on some times that we spent loving bugs. Or, […]

The Last Word

It was another awesome week on LWON. At least we think so. Helen revived her curious theme of bugs on the window on Monday, but this time the bug, on an airplane, was on the INSIDE! Terrifying. Should she kill it or let it ride to Syracuse? (Or wherever it was going. I mean, maybe the bug had […]

Shameless PR for My New Book: A Brief LWON Q&A

  Ann:  Jenny has a new book out. It’s part of a series — best-selling, mind you — about unlikely relationships between animals and surprising animal heroics. (This one is called Unlikely Friendships: Dogs. It has a lot of dogs in it.) So far, I’ve read only the Amazon Read-Inside story about the dog and […]