The Last Word

August 22-26 This week several LWONians had kids on the brain. Guest poster Divya Abhat wondered how to curb her kid’s screen time . . . and her own. Erik waxed nostalgic about the good old days, when packing for an adventure involved grabbing a fistful of carabiners, not a fistful of diapers. And I scanned my daughter’s junk-food-filled daycare menu and […]

The Million Dollar Spaghetti Conundrum

Earlier this month my daughter turned one. She spent nine months inside of me, and since she’s been on the outside I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about what goes into her body. As a newborn, she nursed until my nipples bled because “breast is best!” And when she was away from me, I pumped so […]

People being wrong on the Internet

On August 12th, a story entitled “The Death of the Bering Strait Theory” opened thus: “Two new studies have now, finally, put an end to the long-held theory that the Americas were populated by ancient peoples who walked across the Bering Strait land-bridge from Asia approximately 15,000 years ago.” The History Channel posted along the same lines: […]

The Last Word

This week was summer-themed and — with one fresh exception from Judith Mernit — recycled, in the most exciting sense of the word. This allowed us all to actually experience summer, in order to have more stories to share with you, dear Reader. In the summer of 2010, Heather spent eight-hour hiking days in the […]

Redux: I’ll Miss You Summer

Damn you, carefree summer, for being such a fleeting thing! Trading you in for homework and sports practice and band performances…the season of school and tight schedules can be hard on bodies and souls. Parents may suffer the most, according to Niki Wilson in her lovely post from last September–now part of this special summer […]

Redux: How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Winter Edition)

This week as summer hits its balmy peak, we look back at LWON posts from summers gone by. Five years ago, Richard spent his summer vacation in Chile’s winter, getting to know the astronomers and donkeys of the Chilean mountainside. It’s classic Richard, basically, and the delight is in the details. Here it is.  

The Last Word

August 8 – 12, 2016 Helen, proud of herself and rightly so, shares her ingenuity in re: eating her vegetables with us and all humankind.  Smart and generous both, is Helen. You know the problem with Rio’s harbor? Same with Cambridge, MA’s Charles River, and guest Emily Benson goes swimming anyway. Such beautiful berries with […]

Redux: On My Way to Burning Man

In the summer of 2014 I backpacked across the Black Rock Desert to Burning Man with a small group of friends, after which this piece was originally published. It has been only slightly altered. Since the lake bed is from late Pleistocene origin, and the loud and luminous eruption of this annual event will be […]