Guest Post: What science can learn from religion

Sharel was twenty when she died from an overdose. Her funeral was held at the Holy Temple Christian Church on Althea Street in Providence, Rhode Island. The church tried to raise $5,000 for the expense, but only managed to raise $347. Althea Street is short, only three blocks long. It is poor. Boarded up buildings […]

Cold Hands, Warm Space Heater

On my way to the dry cleaners, I passed a gaggle of highschoolers on their way home from class. The high was 16 degrees yesterday, and the wind made it feel like single digits. But most of these students were dressed for a crisp fall day. One kid, some Justin Bieberesque boy on a bike, […]

Guest Post: Affair of the Heart: VII: $64,000 Questions

I spent about seven hours in the operating room at Johns Hopkins Hospital being worked on by a highly skilled surgical team, followed by a day in intensive care and five days in regular care. I also had a battery of pre-op and post-op tests and consultations to investigate the aortic aneurysm that put me […]

Abundance of Caution

A little over a month ago, Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan became the first person in the US to develop ebola. In the days before he died, Duncan infected two nurses. Last month, a New York doctor who had been working with Doctors without Borders in Guinea was diagnosed with the disease, becoming the fourth person to develop […]

Inputting Narratives

You’ve probably done this already or if you haven’t, you will: you sit in your doctor’s office and look at your doctor, your doctor sits at a desk and types on a computer.  Your doctor apologizes for the lack of eye contact and explains something about health records now being electronic and tied to reimbursement.  […]

Guest Post: Affair of the Heart: V. A Family Matter?

Six weeks after intricate surgery to replace an aneurysm at the juncture of my heart and aorta with a polyester graft, I’m almost back to normal.  I’m walking a lot, about to start biking again, and I’m well on my way to a complete recovery.  But there is  still a nagging question: Does my family […]

Guest Post: Affair of the Heart: IV. Day of Reckoning

My wife Anne and I arrived at Johns Hopkins’s gleaming new Sheikh Zayed Tower at 5:15 AM on September 8.  I knew I would soon be on an operating table with my breastbone split  and my ribcage cranked open, exposing my heart and the aortic aneurysm that had brought me here.  A  heart-lung machine would […]