Redux: Snowbound and Murderous

The Great East Coast Snowstorm of January 2016 That Singled Out Baltimore left around 30 inches of snow, turning cars into snowhills and pausing civilized life as we know it.  In the last big snowstorm, the the worst incivility was perpetrated by the neighbors themselves, this time it was by outsiders: two different jackasses parked for […]

I Take Up STEM, I Drop It Again.

STEM is acronymic jargon for the education of kindergarteners through college seniors in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math.  Apparently the education is inadequate and uneven and seen as appropriate for nerdy boys but not girls or persons of color – something like that.  It’s discussed in hushed and worried tones and if you’re interested in science […]

Conversation with Michael Balter: On Not Teaching

Michael:  Hi Ann! After six years of teaching in NYU’s science journalism program (SHERP), and a year before that teaching at Boston University, I have decided to take a break and hand over my beginning writing, research and reporting class to someone else. What a tough decision. I love my students–so many of whom have […]

Redux: Science Plus/Versus Religion

I don’t think much about the climate debates; the problem seems so multivariate, and each part of it so difficult, I don’t see a solution.  Accordingly, I really appreciate the people who do think about and cover it because goddam, it really needs covering. Anyway, when I read about the Paris agreement, I was most struck […]

The Quantum Entanglement of Bad Things

My husband had surgery and complications and is recovering slowly, entailing a lot of medical appointments and difficult information and difficult decisions and long absences from home and office.  Home and office have taken advantage of this to do bad things.  You might think this increase in badness is due to psychology or coincidence; it’s […]

Turning Left on 39th

I grew up in rural and small-town midwest.  Some people were richer than we were, some poorer.  And being normal, hierarchizing humans, we always knew who was rich and who was poor.  But regardless everybody went to the same grocery stores,  schools, churches, dime stores, movie theaters, summer concerts.  In other words, nobody was so […]

Redux: Inputing Narratives

  My husband’s in the hospital (he’s going to be ok) for the foreseeable or the next couple of days, whichever comes first, and I’m there with him.  In a hospital, you give up control — for excellent reasons — and you haven’t a clue about what’s next.  Even if I were granted a clue, […]

Countering Iniquity

The world is full of iniquity.  Guys shoot up college classes; they also shoot up churches, malls, and elementary schools.  Little kids get shot playing on their front porches.  A hospital gets bombed and its doctors die.  Drug companies raise prices of drugs for sick people by obscene amounts. Gun advocates keep the country locked […]