Abstruse Goose: Electronic Man

AG’s mouseover says, “When I forget to charge my phone at night, my existence feels incomplete in the morning,” meaning I guess that he’s become as one with his electronic devices.  But as I know because I’ve been writing an interminable story about insomnia, AG’s identity as an electronic device is just the God’s truth. […]

Abstruse Goose: NUM63R5

As a literate but functionally innumerate person, I hate AG’s title.  I think it’s dumb and silly.  But I thoroughly get why he feels the way he does about that equation.  Really.  What an odd pattern.  Why would it happen?  Would figuring out why it happened  help you understand anything else?  No?  You couldn’t even […]

Abstruse Goose: NSA Surveillance, Solved

I just don’t have anything to add to this.  Though I’m pretty sure if the NSA put their massive minds to it, they could figure out how to hear us thinking, let alone typity-typing on our computers without an internet in sight.  Did you know that NSA is the country’s largest employer of mathematicians?  It […]

Abstruse Goose: Piss ‘Em Off

AG here, based on his examples, seems to mean that the best science undercuts peoples’ faith in their beliefs, thereby annoying them deeply.  I’m sure that’s true but I haven’t noticed it myself.  What I notice is when, for example, some observer tells some theorist that no, in fact the universe isn’t coasting along slowly, […]

Abstruse Goose: Little Knowledge = Danger

Ok, so y’all know about how, in general relativity, gravity slows time.  Clocks closer to something massive and more strongly attracted to it run slower.  And clocks farther away and less attracted run faster.  I’d explain this to you in more detail but I’m busy.  Anyway, AG can use the different times on his different […]

Abstruse Goose: Astronomology

AG’s mouseover says that astronomers began charting the motions of the planets, continued through the law of gravitation, and ended up with us on the moon; so sure, the planets affect our lives. I have nothing to add.  If I did, I’d probably end up telling you I read my horoscope every day.  And that, […]

The Last Word

October 28 – November 1 This week, Erik told us to eat the most delicious little bastards in the ocean. Why is the moose population dwindling? Roberta investigated. I wonder if we can ever agree on a single truth without paying the price. Ann showed why looking at the universe only in the optical wavelengths […]

Abstruse Goose: Anti-Vaxxer Blooown Away

Yup.  So the battle is uphill and science writers are in the front lines.   I do know words like “antibodies” and “herd immunity,” but as a biomedical writer, I write well about astronomy.  I know this isn’t exactly what AG is saying, but it’s all I have to say:  last week, I got my […]