Abstruse Goose, Snark Week Edition: The Cat’s Revenge

I mean, LOLCats was severely dumb and stupid but nobody’s doing that any more, right? I hope.   AG’s cat (though a little badly drawn) is thoroughly in the spirit of Snark Week and has the attitude nailed:  if you think soft cuddly Nature loves you and is your friend, you’re not paying close enough […]

Abstruse Goose: Barbie Goes Rogue

I really have nothing to add here.  The storyline is complete. Except I don’t see why Barbie’s expectations are unrealistic, given her great age and many capabilities — doctor Barbie, babysitter Barbie, pilot Barbie, yoga teacher Barbie, princess Barbie.  And why not, though the mind boggles somewhat, a Girl Bilbo Barbie? She’s almost a sort […]

Abstruse Goose: Sudokomic Game

Oh this is just purely awful in so many ways.  Let me count them.  Its humor is dumb & puns are always in the very worst taste.  It’s bloody & I hate that.  It’s not only clever, worse, it’s close to addictive.  The mouseover apologizes, says this is the best he could do on short […]

Abstruse Goose: Game of Thrones = Dragons + War of the Roses

When I can’t sleep, my brain thinks it’s fun to enumerate all the things I’m afraid might happen.  I’ve taken to thinking about the derivations from the same Latin root — application, complication, explication, implication, replication — but sometimes get hung up on not knowing what “plicare” means.  I do think the Yorks and the […]

Abstruse Goose: TV on the Stars

You get this, right? that light travels at a certain fixed rate so TV programs (yup, light) leaving Earth in, say, 2010 would have gotten 4 light-years away and any star 4 light-years away would just be getting the program now.  I’ve understood this idea for decades and I still get confused by it. __________ […]

Abstruse Goose: Being and Nothingness

Yup.  Absolutely.  No doubt.  AG speaks for us all, or at least for many or us, or at least for me.  I have a friend who loves to sit and do nothing, and I’m still studying her to see how she does it.  No clue yet. http://abstrusegoose.com/554

Abstruse Goose: Electronic Man

AG’s mouseover says, “When I forget to charge my phone at night, my existence feels incomplete in the morning,” meaning I guess that he’s become as one with his electronic devices.  But as I know because I’ve been writing an interminable story about insomnia, AG’s identity as an electronic device is just the God’s truth. […]

Abstruse Goose: NUM63R5

As a literate but functionally innumerate person, I hate AG’s title.  I think it’s dumb and silly.  But I thoroughly get why he feels the way he does about that equation.  Really.  What an odd pattern.  Why would it happen?  Would figuring out why it happened  help you understand anything else?  No?  You couldn’t even […]