Holiday Binge Watching List

The People of LWON have spoken. Here are the TV shows and movies you shall watch over the holidays. For previous lists, explore here (2016, 2015, 2014). Christie: One of the best films I saw this year was actually released in 2015 (how did I miss it back then?) I was primed to love Clouds […]

Holiday Binge Reading List

  The People of LWON have spoken. Here are the books you shall read this holiday season. For previous year’s reading recommendation lists, explore here (2016, 2015, 2014). Sarah G: Killers of the Flower Moon, by David Grann. By far the best literary nonfiction book I’ve ever read, and the most chilling. The Osage were […]

The People of LWON Have Memories

  Rebecca I have the worst memory. I say this a lot, and I worry about it a lot. I forget meaningful details, or snippets of conversations I know are important. I forget to whom I’ve told something, and then I tell them again, and sometimes they look at me funny and I realize I’m […]

The People of LWON Are Grateful

Craig I like to think that being thankful carries weight, that it occupies an influential space in the world. In a series of 2003 studies published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, subjects kept journals reporting their levels of gratitude. Each of three studies found that people who experienced more gratitude “exhibited heightened […]

Mantras for Writers

We’re writers. We like words. We don’t always like writing. Or maybe we just need a little nudge sometimes. Today we’ve collected some of the inspirational (or harassing, or shaming, or whatever works for us) quotes that we have posted around our computers. Maybe some of these will work for you. Christie: I am writing […]

The Community Listservs of the People of LWON

  Emily Underwood, Friend of LWON, posted on Facebook a collection of topics from her community listserv. Lions (mountain lions) Free blue heeler Sick chicken Ann doesn’t know exactly where Emily lives but it sure isn’t Baltimore.  Ann’s community listserv looks more like this. 2nd Quarterly Citizen’s Decision-Making Training (formerly known as “Shoot Don’t Shoot”) […]