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Another week, another week of great reading here at LWON. We like to think so, anyway. Here’s what you missed:

Rose expands on an excellent article she did elsewhere (Rose, how could you?) on virtual reality and empathy…how donning the goggles theoretically can make you care but in practice might do something else entirely.

Ann tells us how astronomers are poets. And poetry gives a thing a whole different level of beauty.

Jessa offers a plea that we stop talking and start doing when it comes to climate change. Polar bears deserve better.

Sally reveals how steganography—the hiding of messages every which way—is evolving; the means and motives of embedding secrets are increasingly alarming and hard to combat.

And Ann also mourned the end of an Awl–and no, I’m not talking about the physical tool but something (a blog, if you must know) just as smart and pointed. Having the Awl made us all less stupid, so its demise is a real shame.


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