Redux: Coffeeshop Science


This was posted September 24, 2015.  I go later to the coffeeshop now and don’t run into Larry and John, its chief scientists.  I do have an update on neighborhood-kid questions though.  “Why does this blue flower have a yellow dot in the center?” “Why do birds poop?” “Why are there ants going up the tree and ants going down the tree?”

My favorite, though, happened a couple years ago.  A two-year old’s older brother was talking to a neighbor about rocks.  The neighbor said she had a piece of lava in her living room, did the boy want to see it?  The two-year old, whose speech was just developing and who talked as though he were speaking a foreign language, interrupted the neighbor and asked, “Do. You. Have. A. Volcano. In. Your. House?”

Anyway, here’s the original post.


Volcano by Taro Taylor via Wikimedia Commons

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