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December 18-22, 2017

The People of LWON start the week with our recommendations for holiday binge-watching. You’re welcome.

Guest Mary Caperton Morton tells a story about hiking in Bears Ears National Monument, which had its acreage cut by 85 percent earlier this month. As the canyon opened up, our side canyon nearing the confluence with Dark Canyon, we didn’t stop again to top off our reservoirs and by the time we hit the main canyon, we were two liters shy of our full capacity of 8.5 liters. Classic desert hiking mistake.

Craig and his sons see the new Star Wars movie, one of many stories told best during the longest days of winter. This is when we gather in close. Our voices carry us through the dark, reminding us that we are not alone; we are not ghosts, not yet.

I redux a post about fire, during another fire. Fire is frustrating. It seems like—at least for me—when I want one, I can’t get one. Over the weekend, I made a careful structure of tinder and sticks. But it took multiple flicks of a lighter, and sheets and sheets of twisted newspaper, for all my work to catch.

On Friday, Rose writes—speaks, really—about dictation, also known as “the kishin”. Dictating my drafts also requires me to think before I speak. Which is something that I confess I do not always do and could certainly use practice at.

Next week we’re taking a short winter’s nap (or maybe just binge-watching more shows), so we’ll run some favorite posts from years past. See you then!


Image:  Walter Prichard Eaton, In Berkshire Fields, 1920.

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