Redux: Fired Up


3368841720_f6ddbcfe97_zTwo years ago, I wrote a post about learning how to make fire with a bow drill, and how it was one of the many frustrating things about fire: that it’s hard to make when you need it, and hard to get rid of when you don’t want it to burn. Now yet another California fire has been burning, and it just won’t go out. As of Wednesday morning, the Thomas Fire is 60 percent contained and is the second-largest fire in recent history in the state. The winds are supposed to pick up again this afternoon.

I spent much of the last two weeks out of town, out of the smoke. I thought this meant I would have a lot to say about fire, but I don’t, at least not right now. I mainly felt lucky–lucky that we had a safe place to stay, lucky that I could pick up and leave when it was time to go. There were so many people who couldn’t. While I figure out what I think about that, here’s the post.



Image by Giacomo Carena via Flickr


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