The Last Word


November 27 – December 1, 2017

Michelle, hoping to inoculate her daughter and everybody else’s daughter against rampant and pervasive patriarchy, compiles a girl-centric list of bedtime reading.  After all, the holidays loom, presents will be given.

Erik kills plants.  He doesn’t mean to, though to be honest he doesn’t love them all that much.  But he just kills them and their desiccated bodies decorate his house.  He finds his relationship with plants dispiriting.

Cassie gets in touch with her friend in Puerto Rico to see how to actually do this, live like the third world in America:  “Diaz’s generator also keeps the chest freezer cold. She lined the bottom with water bottles. At night, they freeze. During the day, when she turns the generator off, the frozen bottles keep her other groceries cool. Diaz doesn’t know how much longer she will be without electricity.”

Remeber that speceship-shaped thing that whammed through our solar system and out the other side, so fast even the sun couldn’t catch it?  Becky thinks about the line between science and science fiction: “’Our observations are entirely consistent with it being a natural object,’ Meech said. Phew. Or bummer.”

Like anyone who’s ever sat and watched an animal, Craig balances his sense of their muscular grace and utter strangeness with his itch to mess with them.  Only this time it’s a mountain lion.



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