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There is no roadmap for confronting a neighbor in the grocery store about a sexual assault that happened twenty years agoCassie, on Monday.

On a happier note, we’ve got a new Person of LWON. Rebecca Boyle sees her bare-branched pin oak and thinks asteroids. Apart from humans, maybe, trees are the best form of life on this planet. . . They are the embodiment of our shared presence on a rocky planet that orbits a star. Hedgehogs and helminths may be interesting, but they don’t constantly remind us, simply by existing, that we are in a solar system.

Jenny reduxes her post about J-Shame, because it is (unfortunately) still relevant: [J-Shame] hits when your beat is way out of synch with a big tragic thing that’s on everyone’s mind. It shrivels your confidence and embarrasses you for not taking on something with bigger-picture importance.

Rose has a brilliant idea about best-of lists—KABOOM! (After a year, that is.): We are creating a great pacific garbage patch of best of lists — a region of the web that looks fine from the surface but is thick with tiny particles of information that have decomposed and are no longer useful but can still get stuck in our guts and cause all kinds of intestinal problems.

Ann looks at the connections between astronomy and the military—and there are more than you might think: An astronomer told me once that astronomers sometimes work with the military because their technology is often the same, but (and I paraphrase), “they’re using it to look down and we’re using it to look up.”

Hope things are looking up this weekend—we’ll see you next week.


Image credit: Linsey via Flickr

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