New Person of LWON: Rebecca Boyle


I am delighted to introduce, Rebecca Boyle, a supremely talented independent journalist and the newest person of LWON. Becky got her start as a newspaper reporter covering state and local politics. But then she returned to her first love: space. Her abiding love for astronomy drives her outside on frosty winter nights even though she hates the cold. This love gives her a “profound sense of connectedness.” This love earned her a certificate from Space Camp. And this love keeps her keyboard humming.

Today Becky writes for The Atlantic, FiveThirtyEight, and New Scientist, among others. Her reporting trips have taken her inside a particle accelerator, a supercomputer, satellite clean rooms, mission control, an MRI built for whales, and the White House. One time she almost fainted in the Chilean high desert. But that’s because the air up there is thin and weak. At LWON, we plan to provide her with plenty of thick, delicious oxygen.

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  1. I checked the About Us page and see that many of the writers are women here. I kind of suspected it, which might be why I have enjoyed this site for a while now. Welcome Rebecca, looking forward to your posts.

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