The Last Word


November 6 – 10, 2017

Somebody killed a wolf named OR 28.  Is this to be seen in the context of populations and therefore a slight matter? Is this to be seen in the context of individuals and their families and therefore a terrible thing?  Emma presented the argument, didn’t take sides.

The Humanities 110 syllabus: should it be the usual dead white men, beginning with Homer? or should it be more inclusive and diverse, living non-white men and women?  Michelle’s undergraduate college is arguing this right now.  Michelle takes sides.

The biological scientists tried to save the beautiful little vaquita and failed. Like, the vaguitas are now gone.  Erik thinks the biologists should have talked to the social scientists all along. Plus he really liked the vaquita, and now I’m sad too.

Craig and his girlfriend move in together.  On the tidiness scale, they occupy opposite ends (doesn’t every couple?)  Craig reads a book with a plan for getting along, and he thinks it’s working.  Until she nearly eats the can of dog food.

The San Francisco Bay area:  brisk, good food, smelling of jasmine and eucalyptus? or cold, traffic-jammed, smelling of pot and pee?  Helen and Cameron disagree violently but their argument is nevertheless civil and ends well.

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