The Last Word


August 7-11, 2017

Ann has a hilarious exchange with Adam Rogers about ways in which we might strengthen the rigour of the social sciences, whose questionnaire-based conclusions Ann could shoot down “with a bow and arrow riding a fast horse in a high wind.”

Those IPCC reports that represent the scientific consensus on climate change come from the observations of real people, some of them living in tents on the Greenland Ice Sheet over the Arctic winter. Craig joins them.

Rose has an RFID chip implanted in her hand, just for fun, so when it comes to debates on corporate tagging of employees, she has some interesting thoughts to contribute.

Cameron’s young sunflowers track the sun “like a sentence they can’t stop reading.” In so doing, they add cells more quickly than sunflowers prevented from turning.

The Gimli Glider is a Boeing 767 that made a miraculous landing after running out of fuel at 40,000 feet. My brother and I visit the village where it happened.

Image: RFID before the implantation, by Amal Graafstra

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