Redux: Helen and I Smack Down Unhappiness


This ran not that long ago, August 23, 2016.  But I feel it should be run again because it has an important update.

Recently, Helen and I made mint lemonade again, this time with Jenny.  As the post suggests, we blended-and-spigoted at the same time, and instead of demarara sugar, we used white.  The pond scum effect entirely disappeared so that was good.  But we put too much ice in blender and ended up with mint-lemonade slushies or however you spell it, and mint lemonade needs to be drunk, not spooned and strawed.

So we tried a second batch and this time the liquidity was perfect but the amount of plant matter was noticeably chewy.  Helen suggests that we blend mint and sugar together before adding ice and why didn’t we think of that before?

Also this time it wasn’t stinking hot on the porch so the mint lemonade was only refreshing and not resurrection.

Here’s the original.


Photo by Pearl Pirie, via Flickr

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One thought on “Redux: Helen and I Smack Down Unhappiness

  1. The pictured drink looks like the energy drink I enjoy but I picture a refreshing mint lemonade to be somewhat clear, swirling amongst ice cubes with thin slices of lemon and mint leaves.
    Try mashing the mint leaves in a pan of water, enough to make a simple syrup in, using white sugar. Boil well, strain, then add that to you lemonade.

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