The Last Word


Here at LWON this first week of May, we wrote about stuff.

Two guests helped fill our pages.

Emma Marris pondered the constraints of urban parks and their tendency to tidy nature’s wildness away.

And Ramin Skibba (who wins for having the coolest name) opined about the unprecedented March for Science, wondering if it could be the start of a movement in defense of Science Itself.

Then came Cameron writing about her kids—who, it turns out, are fennec foxes. She learned all about these adorable ear holders that have replaced her family.

Finally, two LWONers gave us creative ways to entice readers into potentially ho-hum material: Michelle examined a coloring book (and interviewed its maker) that turns climate change into an art project; Ann, meanwhile, sucked us in with the sparkling phrases of a Twitterbot describing planets. They will make you want to go to there.




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