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A smaller wreath with a red ribbon and a bird on it.
This wreath was made entirely by a six-year-old, except for the hot gluing of the little bird. I should have let her do that part too; she would have done a better job.

December 19 – 23, 2016

The People of LWON, ever mindful of your comfort and convenience, have suggested some films to watch, should you happen to be sick and tired of holiday reality.

But since you need to do the holidays regardless, Emma has a national-forest-gathered evergreen wreath with a dead wolf-lichen-covered branch hot-glued to it you might want to consider.

Or maybe what you’re sick and tired of is political reality and you want to know what a writer should do about it.  Erik has three suggestions. The third one has to do with reality-based reporting.

And if you are in fact sick and tired of political and holiday reality both, Michelle suggests you could do worse than Poughkeepsie.  Or, actually, well, maybe you couldn’t, who knows.

Speaking of Poughkeepsie, a New Jersey mall that Rose lived near was probably haunted, if not by the cemetery then certainly by the elephant.

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