The Last Word


December 12-16, 2016

Craig brought us all to tears this week with his reflections on leaving a home and the marriage it embodied. In the empty house, I point out where they were born. You came out of her like a fish, I said. You opened your eyes for the first time and we saw each other.”

Jenny went on a tour of elementary schools with her new book about dogs who make friends with other animals. The kids give her the full celebrity treatment. “Whatever subject I broach—often the state of animals in the wild—I do my best to tell them the truth without blackening their sweet little souls.”

A cicada on the inside of a window in Nepal takes Helen back to a series of cicada-related memories. “I first fell in love with cicadas in 1987, when the 17-year cicadas came out in my hometown. They’re enormous, bumbling, and harmless, and they sound like summer.”

Cameron feels herself succumbing to wishful thinking as she watches the approaching calamity of California’s water crisis. “One of our reservoirs is now at 7 percent capacity. At another, the dam worker now needs water trucked in to where he lives onsite.” 

The People of LWON capped off the week with a variety of book recommendations for your holiday reading (and gift shopping). Next I read a David Baldacci novel. Which one? I don’t know, does it matter?”

Photo: Craig Childs

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