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1822554653_6018f7340b_zNovember 7-11, 2016

This week, Jenny challenges you to define the distinctively universal smell of a school cafeteria — an entrancing mixture of pinto bean juice, gym-shoe tongue and scorched Teflon.

On American election day, bipartisan stress could only be put into trivializing perspective by referring to the wider lens of deep time, says Emma.

Blue-footed boobies lead lives of debauchery and murder, says Erik, and any human judgment of their behaviour only reveals the power of our own ids.

Michelle then applies to the results of said election the ecological concept of “scale mismatches” between human responsibilities and managed resources.

Erik Vance’s highly anticipated first book hit the shelves this week. Suggestible You is a daring examination of all the ways in which the power of our minds can help or hurt us. I reach him in Mexico — listen to our conversation here.

Image: Photos of the Steve via Flickr

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