The Last Word


blue, green, and pink berriesAugust 8 – 12, 2016

Helen, proud of herself and rightly so, shares her ingenuity in re: eating her vegetables with us and all humankind.  Smart and generous both, is Helen.

You know the problem with Rio’s harbor? Same with Cambridge, MA’s Charles River, and guest Emily Benson goes swimming anyway.

Such beautiful berries with their delicate and harmonizing colors, so photogenic, a delight to look at.  Just don’t get to know them, says Helen, they’re bad actors.

Craig hikes in to Burning Man, over Pleistocene lakes, tigers, mammoths, and stone tools.

You’ve played Poohsticks, right? Maybe you called it something different.  A pleasant, quieting game.  But what can it all mean?



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