The Last Word


April 4 – 8, 2016


“I must have caught this from that coughing bastard on the plane.” “Obviously, my husband’s little cold mutated into this nasty flu.”  You feel like hell, you look around for something to blame.  Christie reduxes a post about why you’re wrong.

Xenotopias are those weird places that aren’t anything else, that are borderlands between things, that are both unsettling and deeply comfortable.

Rose is so smart.  She’s been thinking about intelligent robots so she wrote a story/game about how they might work out.  If you’re smart too, you’ll be scared to pieces.

We like to think of ourselves as humane, right? we value other lives, we help out other people? especially when we accidentally run them over?  No, we don’t.

Sarah is so talented.  She not only writes with intelligence and grace, she draws that way too.  Forests move by the grace of corvids.


That drawing up there is by Sarah Gilman.



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