The Last Word


The logical endpoint of Manifest Destiny is...RadioShack? A mural in Vale, Oregon. Photo by Sarah Gilman.

March 14-18, 2016

This week at LWON we ask five pressing questions:

Sprickets, cave crickets, roach spiders, camel crickets. No matter what you call them, they are a form of hunched, evil popcorn that will leap toward you. We build them basements, they sproing in our faces. How is that adaptive?

Interest in science seems to be an innate predisposition, so how heritable is it?

If there is epidemiology around disease and social unrest, mustn’t there be similar mechanisms at work around compassion and enlightenment?

Is human encroachment a more fitting tribute to the pioneers’ journey through Oregon than any preservation of their pristine view along the way?

Curling stones should curl in the opposite direction from what we observe. Why is that?


Photo: Sarah Gilman

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