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What a week! Is there a theme? Sort of. Something about things that have power over our behavior. Some are real, some are tricks of a sort. Some are Andy Kaufman (again).

Guest poster Ann Garvin tells us that we are doomed to eat all the M&Ms because they come in so many pretty colors (the point being, manufacturers know how to affect our behavior when it comes to nutrition).

Erik looks at the fascinating history of homeopathy and the famous rebels who made it a thing. His piece is Part One in a “series” of two.

Sally, in Part Two, grabs the homeopathy baton and runs with it to the UK where she’s sure that the government’s support of this non-medical medicine is a sneaky and grand test of the good-old placebo effect.

Jenny (that’s me) says goodbye to winter by considering fire: Why is its raw power so intriguing to some but mundane to others?

And Erik started out the week with more political ranting…let’s just say Donald Trump, Andy Kaufman, and Berkeley Breathed walk into a bar. Don’t miss this one.



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