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December 13-17, 2015

Michelle’s job as a climate change reporter feels like working a crime beat in a lawless nation. Compared with the natural, abysmal state of international climate negotiations, the Paris agreement is something she celebrates, however briefly.

Christie, meanwhile, is not impressed. The Paris agreement doesn’t include shipping or aviation, and it relies on technology that doesn’t exist. More than that, it requires something we don’t possess: restraint.

Guest poster Siobhan Roberts follows a mathematical genius as he gets his head examined, subverts the examination, and charms the examiner.

We’re desensitized to the image of the flag at half-mast, says Cameron, as Flag Protocol inflation makes it a frequent event.

The week was capped off with our annual What To Read list for the winter holidays, soon to be followed by What To Watch.

Image: Paris rally by Takver via Flickr

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