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September 7-11, 2015

In the way that miniature zeitgeists sometimes appear here at LWON, it was a week that centered around birds and flight.

Renewable energy is great until it massacres all your eagles. Cameron follows the newest developments in wind farming.

Boobies are unfaithful, fratricidal maniacs, says Eric. But it’s not their fault, and the same tendencies lurk within us.

Oh, yeah? Well, hummingbirds are deadbeat dads with delusions of grandeur, counters Ann. And they just ride on their looks.

Jenny learned the true art of the hug from her mom, and now she passes it on to those less fortunate in love, melding bodies and making troubles take flight.

Learning a second language bears no resemblance to what occurs in language classrooms, say I. Hop on a plane and subject yourself to the discomfort and utter thrill of true immersion.

Image: Shutterstock

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