The Last Word



August 24 – 28, 2015

This week, words mattered – whether they be spoken between doctors, written on a page or scratched out by a centuries-old fraud. Also worms. Worms mattered too. 

Guest writer Robin Mejia takes us with her to El Salvador and an agricultural education project. Despite continuing violence there, plenty of people still focus their energy on pruning strategies or finding the right type of worm.

Two esteemed historians talk with Ann about why some languages don’t differentiate the words “story” and “history.” It turns out that there is a difference between fact and narrative. We think.

Thanks to an impossibly complex system and a horrible lack of doctor communication, Jennifer’s father’s life is put at risk. It seemed he was taking three separate blood thinners and no one bothered to check.

Christie finally lets go of her hangup with people not using the proper singular form of the word “data.” Which I’m pretty sure is “date.”

Jessa tests out her investigative journalism chops on 75 “quintals” of 17th Century codfish. Her search leads to someone called Sir Peter Pounce Bart and General Quodlibet Hookem. Which all turns out to be hokum in the end.



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