The Last Word


July 20-24, 2015

A Saturday puzzler for your amusement: see if you can spot this week’s loose theme.

Abstruse Goose (and Ann)—each a superhero of LWON–lament that being a mad scientist (or a mad writer) is not as fun as it looks in the movies.

Helen has a number of brilliant ideas for Ant-Man sequels; we hope she remembers the little people of LWON during her Academy Awards speech. On the dung beetle as a superhero: “But now the thaw has come and everywhere there are piles of poo. What will the residents of Snowville do? The Dung Beetle to the rescue!”

In chronicling the ants in her Brooklyn apartment, guest Brooke Borel experiences the full range of human emotions, and time as a flat circle. On Thursday eveningMake videos of lone ant struggling to pull smaller dog food chunk up the wall. Fist pump when it lifts dog food over small ledge at top of baseboard. Question life choices. Or at least today’s choices.”

I write about coyotes. Related to the theme: It turns out both coyotes and ants are showing up in strange places because of the drought in California.

And Jennifer creates a dream zoo of animals she would like to keep (but yes, she knows she can’t). On octopi: “I’d want these guys as my going-out buddies. We’d have wild times, indulging in all kinds of practical jokes and high jinx. And there would be lots of good hugging.” Oddly, there are no ants on her list.



Image: USGS Denver Microbeam Laboratory, via Wikimedia


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