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ugly lemon-3May 18 – 22, 2015

Erik started the week off by offending bee scientists with a wasp scientist whose object of study is solitary and sleek, definitely not just an ant with wings. The scientist has some issues, don’t we all.

LWON turned five this week and in joyous celebration, alumnus Thomas Hayden lists the top five posts he never wrote, artfully illustrating this with some lemons I wish I’d never seen.  We miss him.

Alumna Ginny Hughes continues the joyous celebration of LWON’s fifth with the top five May 20th’s in history.  Who can forget the May 20, 1875 Treaty of the Meter? or the May 20, 1990 release of the Hubble Space Telescope’s unimpressive first images? We miss her.

In the third day of joyous celebration, five LWONers listed the best sciences to write about, according to them. They also listed the worst sciences to write about, and counting Erik and the bee scientists, the number of offending LWONers is now up to 6.

Surveys are dumb and stupid and hard to believe, says Sally, and that’s not the worst.  The worst is when the gold standard of all surveys turned out to be an actual fraud. And after that, it’s just Katy-bar-the-door.

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